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I was so happy with how much care and compassion were shown for my Kitten. Everyone was so friendly. This is a place where you know that they care about your furbaby and you. Thank you Dr. Cantrell and staff, it was such a pleasure coming in. - Trinae E. - 11/15/18

Dr. Smith called after hours with the test results I had been waiting for and helped me make a very difficult decision. She was kind, informative and clear. - Janna R. -11/10/18


I appreciated the thorough exam and explanation given by the Vet and tech. I didn’t feel rushed at all.

Dr. Smith took her time to find the exact location of my dog's injury (soft tissue v. bone) and advised of options and costs before further treatment. In spite of being very busy, they were able to x-ray without sedation, and go over results with me. - Linda P. - 10/22/18

I appreciate the care that is given to my cats and dog and the confidence that I have in the veterinarian. I am grateful for PVH and the staff. - Todd R. - 10/10/18

Superb practice. Convinced 2 friends to change to Petvet, very happy. Staff happy working there. Smith & Cantrell have wonderful bedside manner, wish human drs were as good.
Stephen W. - 10/4/18

Thank you so much! My two cats are progressing towards healing from the fleas!! I have confidence that I can help Tiger overcome his weight problem. Excellent office! You are so appreciated!
​​​​​​​Pamela D. 10/1/18

Dr Cantrell is so wonderful with my older dog. Reba has trouble walking on hard surfaces and becomes very anxious at the Vet. Dr. Cantrell put a mat down for her so her feet wouldn’t slide. What a sweet and considerate thing to do! - Tanya S. - 9/22/18

The visit was good for Harrison and for us. Dr. Cantrell was so gentle with him that he didn't feel threatened at all. It was wise of her to ask us to leave the room, because he behaved much better than last year when we stayed. - Mary W. - 9/10/18

The tech and vet were aware of conditions to look out for during assessment/exam. They worked well as a team when my dog was upset during the eye exam. I’m confident in diagnosis and she is back to her happy self. 100% satisfied. - Amy B. - 9/7/18

My daughter had to bring our very sick dog in while I was on vacation. Dr. Smith was more than willing to talk to me over the phone while everything was going on. She also made sure my daughter knew exactly what to do for after care. - anonymous - 8/21/18

​​​​​​​Very nice and caring staff and doctors. - Christine P. - 8/15/18

The staff was extremely efficient and friendly. The Doctor got back to me the next day about test results. - Allison K. - 8/2/18

I am very happy with Petaluma Veterinary Hospital. They are efficient, clean and seem to run a very good practice. My dog was treated very well and I was told up front what the costs would be so I could deside whether or not to proceed. - Melinda A. -7/25/18

We are always able to make an appointment within a reasonable amount of time to fit my schedule. We were promptly seen and diagnosed with an explanation that we could understand. Highly recommended.- 7/3/18

Being our first trip to your hospital, we found all the staff to be very friendly and courteous. Our dog, a rescue pitbull, was treated by Dr. Smith who immediately made Sadie Lu feel comfortable. Very clean offices.- Lori M. - 6/28/18

Dr. Cantrell was so kind and thorough in helping through the decision to end my dog's life. It was indeed a peaceful passing and I will be forever grateful. - Brenda M. - 6/17/18

I'm basing my rating over the last 6 months. Dr. Smith went above the call of duty with Sam, our Bichon who had advanced lymphoma. Dr. Smith called me late one night (on her day off) to give me test results and options for Sam for palliative care. - Theresa C. - 6/2/18

My dog was given excellent care and I trusted the staff to help him with his problem. When leaving, a technician carried him to my car. Thank you for your professional help for my dog.
April C. - 5/24/18

Love Dr. T...he has cared for many of my "kids" (dogs) with professional care and kindness.
Bonnie L. - 5/21/18

Lucy was treated quickly and compassionately. Fees were completely reasonable for her procedure. I was treated with patience and respect. It can't get any better than that.
Samantha T. - 5/10/18

So thorough and caring. I'm so glad my fur babies have such a wonderful healthcare team.
Laurel S.- 4/29/18

The kindness with which both my dog and I were treated was heartwarming. The exam room was spotless.- Leticia V. - 4/6/18

We have always been treated with courtesy and promptness. Dr. Smith is a very caring and understanding Vet. - Sandi M. - 4/2/18

Dr. Smith seeks to diagnose my dog accurately. Before leaping into surgery to remove skin growths, Dr. Smith allowed time to see if they would disappear. She gave me antibiotics and cleansing pads to decrease their size.- Alexis M.-3/4/18

My dogs have been taken care of by Dr. Smith since they were a few weeks old. I trust her with them explicitly. The staff is courteous, helpful and knowledgable and always try to accomodate my schedule.- Jan T.- 3/3/18

Great front office staff- Terry is a pleasure to talk to. Everyone shows care and concern for your animal. Dr's Smith and Cantrell are very knowledgable and thorough in their exams. Overall a positive experience every time. - Lorrie F. -2/27/18

The staff is always curtious. The doctors are compassionate, kind, patient and knowledgable. I have been coming here for 16 years and everyone has always made our visits pleasant.
Dervila S. - 2/5/18

Everyone is always friendly, and it's obvious that they really likes animals. The doctors and staff are professional and extremely capable of handling whatever comes their way.
Dominic K. - 1/28/18

I have been going to Petaluma Veterinary Hospital for over 40 years. I would not take my pets anywhere else. - Sarah M. - 1/20/18

Exceptional staff, Knowledgeable and no suggestions of unnecessary or unrealistic treatments. - Rebecca S. - 1/12/18

We like Dr. Smith very much. She has been a great vet. - Lou & Janie W. - 1/3/18

I love and respect all who give such beautiful care at PVH. - Viv B. - 12/7/17

We continue to be impressed with Dr. Cantrell's insight and efficiency. Thanks.
Jeffery Z. - 12/1/17

You have always been there for us and our dogs, from the gum incident to to saying goodbye to our Pooky. You're the best. - Martyn P. - 11/19/17
My animals are my family and I want nothing but the best for them. I know that's exactly what they will receive from Dr. T. and staff. It brings me comfort and peace of mind knowing that they are in excellent care! - Larissa B. - 11/14/17

We brought our 4 year old Maltipo in for an intial visit and the service was AMAZING. The entire staff was a complete pleasure to work with. We are so happy to have you as our new family veterinarians. See you all soon.
Eugene T - 11/4/17
I feel I'm in good hands (literally). Your practice does excellent medicine with a caring staff. I'm so appreciative. Thank you, Thank you! - Linda R. - 9/14/17

Great customer service, attention to detail, and love for my pet. - Skyler F. - 9/1/17

I like Dr. Smith and her bedside manner. She is very caring. The entire staff is friendly and kind. - Danielle C. - 8/22/17

The staff is always understanding about my concerns. When there is an issue with my dog, and she is treated, they always follow-up by contacting me the next day. If the treatment doesn't work, other methods are pursued and researched. - Alexis M. - 8/18/17

Very caring, sensitive and attentive staff. Pets can do no wrong in their eyes. Love this place!
Christine P. - 8/14/17

We have our first puppy and were nervous. There is a lot of information and we didn't count on how much work it would be. Petaluma Veterinary Hospital was such a big help to us. With them we have a knowledgable partner to help us - and they loved him as much as we do.
Mary Ellen S. - 8/4/17

I always feel like MY dog is the most important dog in the office, and when she is not well that goes a long way! To have the doctor check my dog and visit with us on the back lawn was especially helpful. Tntire office is wonderful. - Priscilla M. - 7/28/17

Because you are the best! - Eleanor A. - 7/15/17

Love the service, promptness and caring staff. They took my dog in the very next day.
Pamela A. - 7/1/17

Loving and smart and always helpful. I wish my insurance could help more, but that isn't your problem.
- Jacquelyn B. - 6/18/17

Ginger is always given the best care ever when seen, and everyone is so caring and friendly.
Julie A. - 5/25/17

I just felt at home there, everyone was so kind and thoughtful and I could tell my cat, who had been abused in her childhood, felt safe. She meowed the whole way there and was completely quiet on the way home.- Anonymous - 5/20/17

On our first visit we were greeted immediately. Christine, Alexis and the vet tech were all kind and professional. We love Dr. Cantrell! Jerzey is a senior dog and Dr. Cantrell was very thorough but cost conscious; we too are seniors. We highly recommend!!
Tamy & Jon J - 4/22/17

Fantastic!! Kind and caring to both myself, and more importantly, to my pet. - Joell A - 4/23/17

I love the consistency of kind, knowledgeable people. Terry is the perfect front person. I feel like I'm visiting a friend. Thank you PVH.- Megan D - 3/20/17

The experience was exactly what I expected and appreciate in a vet.
Greg M - 3/13/17

From the very beginning of us using PVH we felt like family. Everyone has always gone way beyond to make sure our fur family is well cared for and that they feel comfortable. Love this place.
Debbie B - 3/6/17

The care is excellent, the staff is terrific, and the fees are very reasonable
Sandy R - 3/4/17

Love Dr. Smith for all she does for my family and the community
Gioia G - 2/17/17

Dr. Valerie Cantrell is excellent. I would recommend her to anyone.
Ron V - 2/6/17

Everyone is kind and supportive. Dr. Cantrell is knowledgable and caring
Catherine H. - 2/6/17

The staff has always been respectful of our boys, Wyatt and Ruby, and have been thoughtful of the decisions we had to make about cost vs. the effective benefits.- David H - 1/12/17
They know my dog's history, and explained possible diagnoses and several alternative treatments and costs. Very helpful. - Elizabeth M - 1/7/17

Your receptionist, technicians and the new vet we saw (Dr. Cantrell) are the reasons we will keep coming back. Everyone was really nice. - Sue S - 12/27/16

Very professional and made our visit stress free. - George and Nina L - 12/12/16

I rated you 5 stars because that's how Ginger and I are always treated. And if Ginger could talk she would agree. Its nice coming to a place that really cares about the health of one's pet.
Julie A - 11/19/16

I felt very welcomed by all of the staff. Dr. Smith appeared very knowledgable and gave my the confidence I was looking for in a vet.
- Cathy M - 11/12/16

The staff at Petaluma Veterinary Hospital has been amazing. They explain everything and take the time to do thorough exams. I appreciate the balance of sensitivity and professionalism that I experience everytime I'm there. - Leslie O - 10/28/16

Dr Smith and her staff are very knowledgable and caring. She takes the time to explain everything in layman's terms so I'm well informed. All my dogs love her and so do we. - Cheryl S - 10/16/16

This was my first visit and not a routine checkup. They were very concerned about my cat and treated him/me with the utmost professionalism and courteousness. They explained the best course of action, but allowed for my input as well.- Shannon B - 10/10/16

I love the doctors and the office staff; they are truly concerned about the animals and you can see that in the treatment they provide.

Kim C - 9/29/16

Your professional office is filled with knowledgeable caring staff. We are so happy that you took Piper in so quickly and attended to her needs.
Lori C - 9/23/16

​​My experience at Petaluma veterinary hospital has been consistently great. My dog is given the best care and respect and the staff is always been very conscientious and accommodating. The office atmosphere is calm and inviting. - Deirdre B - 9/19/16

My dogs are a big part of my life and I want the best care possible for them I feel they get that here.- Jan T - 8/26/16

Always there for me and my three pets. The staff comforts me. Two years ago I used a walker. They sent an aide to take them to the exam room and back to the car.
Jacqueline B - 8/23/16​​​​​​​

Knowledgeable, courteous and caring veterinarians and staff are interested in making things work for clients and pets. They obviously love animals and understand the client’s relationship to them.- Christine D - 7/30/16

I am very happy with PVH and Dr. Titchenal. I loved his approach so much with my landlord's dog that I decided to make him the primary care provider for my own dog. Great veterinary care with competitive pricing.- Jessie M - 7/17/16

I just love the staff at Petaluma veterinary hospital! Everyone is always friendly and helpful, and I always get a good explanation of the care my pets will be receiving.
Christina S - 7/11/16

I loved the hospital location, architecture and landscape. The staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating. Dr. Smith was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She handled my small, 8 pound little doggie with care. - Diane S - 5/28/16

The moment I walked in the door I was greeted with a smile from the staff and other clients. It seems like a happy place. Everyone was knowledgeable and so sweet to my big baby. Our life is so much better because of all of you. - Robin D - 5/28/16

They are always nice, sweet to my dog and very knowledgeable. The rates are great and I never feel like I am being gauged. Love them.
Deena A - 5/6/16

The folks here care about two things: 1) your pet. 2) pet owners and helping them navigate taking care of a pet’s health, especially when the pet is entering its final season of life. Everyone at Petaluma Veterinary Hospital is great. ​​​​​​​- David A - 4/22/16

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