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Pain Management

Reduce pain and speed healing.

Pain comes in many different forms. From an intense, sharp agony to a persistent throbbing ache, all types of pain are debilitating in their own way. Unfortunately, animals can suffer from pain just like we do. As a caring and compassionate owner, you undoubtedly don’t want to see your pet suffer unnecessarily, especially when there are things that both you and your veterinarian can do to help make life a lot more comfortable for him.

Pain management is a Special Interest Area for Dr. Angela Smith

Dr. Smith understands how pain affects our adored animals and the emotional toll that knowing that your pet is suffering can take on owners. She can draw on her extensive experience to ascertain the type of pain that your pet is suffering from and put together a program of pain management to ease his discomfort so that he can enjoy a better quality of life. This applies to chronic health conditions that cause pain, pre and post-operative pain, and pain that occurs as a result of an injury or trauma.

Identifying Pain in Pets

Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges facing owners and veterinarians alike is actually identifying that the pet in question is in pain. This is because all animals are naturally pre-disposed to masking anything that might make them perceived as vulnerable – and this includes seeming like they are in pain.

Your pet will almost certainly try and hide the fact he is in pain until it reaches a threshold so severe that he cannot mask it any longer. In some instances, such as trauma, it may not be possible for him to contain his discomfort and it may be pretty evident from his injuries. However, in other cases, there are only subtle behavior changes to indicate that your pet is in pain. These include suddenly refusing to stand or exercise, limping, stiff movements, loss of appetite and not wanting to be touched.

Our veterinary team understands these subtle changes and knows what to look for to successfully recognize that your pet is experiencing discomfort.

Options for Pain Management for Pets

As his owner, you will have the final say on exactly what treatment option you wish to pursue when it comes to pain management for your pet. What we will offer will depend on a number of different factors including:

  • What is causing your pet to be in pain
  • Whether the pain comes and goes or is constant
  • The age of your pet
  • The medical history of your pet

Every animal in our care is unique, and therefore no two pain management programs are the same. They are also somewhat fluid since they may be altered depending on your pet’s response to the medications that are used.

If you think that your pet might be experiencing pain and you would like an expert opinion to help you determine what is causing it, or if you would like to arrange for him to visit our experienced veterinary team, please get in touch with our veterinary hospital in Petaluma, CA today.

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